Wednesday, April 20, 2005

George Bush and Marla Ruzicka

I am pretty certain that everyone knows who George Bush is.People around the world see his smiling or scowling face whenever they watch the news on TV.I suspect that there are many who have never heard of Marla Ruzicka,her beautiful smiling face is rarely to be seen on our mass media.Her activities are not often referred to by our "free" press or our great corporate-owned mass media.She deserves no headlines because she has nurtured life rather than destroyed it.It is the killers,the murderers,the war-makers who get the publicity and the attention of the world.
Forgive us, Marla,for we know not what we do.
George Bush is always in the headlines:he is the leader of the most powerful country in the world.He is quoted and his words are heeded around the world--even though they are often mocked and ridiculed by people in other countries.He is a man of great power and with just a word from him countries are invaded and the most powerful military in the world is deployed to do his will.
He is truly a man of the world! But like so many men who are completely of this world he tells us that he is also a man of God.He says that he has been born-again and accepts Jesus Christ as his savior.He believes that God has told him to strike Iraq and he believes that he is doing God's will.He has also said that he believes in a "culture of life"--even though he has brought death to so many.Do you doubt this?--well,after all,it was on his orders that the bombing and invasion of Iraq began.He has also asked for his tax cuts, which benefit mostly high income people,to be made permanent.At the same time he wants to cut Medicaid and other programs that help the poorest among us.Is this what Jesus would do if he ran the government?

For those who have not heard of Marla Ruzicka(it is no surprise since I have only heard of her recently),she was a 28 year old American women who was recently killed by a bomb in Iraq.She was the founder of an organization called:Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict or CIVIC.She spent time in Afghanistan helping the victims of the war there and then when the war in Iraq began she moved there to help more helpless victims of warfare. The stated mission of her group was to:"mitigate the impact of the conflict and its aftermath on the people of Iraq by ensuring that timely and effective life-saving assistance is provided to those in need." She gave help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless and love and assistance to all she found in need.She displayed rare selflessness and courage in offering aid to the suffering people of Iraq.She also worked tirelessly in Washington to get aid for the people there.She devoted her life,which turned out to be a short one,to the welfare of others.
I have no knowledge of the spiritual life or religious beliefs of Marla Ruzicka,but she lived a truly Christian life,a life that could also be characterized as a truly Muslim life or a truly Buddhist life or a truly Jewish life,since all religions are supposed to love thy neighbor as thyself and help others who are in need.But how few actually live that kind of life;how few practice what they preach! I don't know what Marla preached,if anything, I only know that she practiced what so many others only preach.
I would ask all who read this one question.If there really is an afterlife that contains a heaven and a hell,which of the two human beings I have spoken of here is more likely to reside in heaven? "By their fruits ye shall know them". Compare the fruits of these two souls and tell me the truth,what do you think?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

America:A Christian Nation

I used to watch a lot of TV news and discussion programs.I listened with great interest when this expert or that pundit described the United States as being a Christian nation.For a long time I accepted that characterization of my country as a true one,and without questioning the politicians and pundits who held to this view,I went about my business.However,I am a thinking man and the day came when I asked myself the question:is it true that America is a Christian nation? And so I began to examine the evidence.
I soon learned that the founders of this nation were regarded as Christian and that the nation was founded on Christian principles.It has been a long time since I have read the words of the founding fathers so I will take the words of the pundits and others who assert that the United States was founded upon Christian principles.But then I asked:if our country was founded upon Christian principles are we still holding to them and practicing them in our public and private lives? Further,is the philosophy that we believe in actually the philosophy by which we live? Is the morality that we practice in our everyday lives the same as that practiced by the great founder of the Christian religion:Jesus Christ?
I began to think seriously about life as it is lived in America,or as it is called:the 'American Way of Life".The first thing I noticed was how often something called :"The American Dream" was mentioned by politicians and other patriotic Americans.I assumed in the beginning that this American Dream must of neccessity be a Christian dream,since America is a Christian nation.But I was soon sadly disillusioned:the "American Dream" seemed to be the exact opposite of a Christian dream.The followers of Jesus,if I understand them correctly,were searching for a kingdom that lies within them,and they were asked by Jesus to"give up all you have to the poor and follow me".As far as I can tell,the "American Dream"is something quite different.It is a dream of worldly success.It is a dream of acquiring money and property and,if possible,becoming a millionaire. Who wants to be a millionaire--everybody! Who wants to give up all he has to the poor in order to become a follower of Jesus--nobody!Our dream is to become a nation of millionaires,not a nation who gives up everything to the poor and follows Jesus.
But this does not stop us from proclaiming that we are a Christian nation.It seems that we can believe in one thing and do another without the slightest twinge to our conscience.We are a hypocrite nation! We have elected a President who claims to be a born-again Christian,but his actions are anything but Christian.He gave large tax cuts to the richest among us and now wants to cut programs that help feed and clothe the poor.Is that what Jesus would have done? I doubt it! Jesus would have taken much from the rich and divided it among the poor-but,of course,he didn't claim to be a Christian.
I ask how is it possible to be a follower of Jesus and still believe in the"American Dream"?How can a person be a seeker after the kingdom of heaven and a seeker after riches at the same time?
Isn't this what Jesus meant when he said: "No man can serve two masters:for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to one and despise the other.Ye cannot serve God and Mammon"? Perhaps these words no longer apply to us.
To hold both of these beliefs in your mind at once seems to me to be insane,although most Americans manage to pretend that there is no conflict between the two.They want to be rich millionaires and at the same time be followers of Jesus:Christian millionaires.
In this nation of millionaires and wannabe millionaires it will take a lot of camels passing through the eyes of a lot of needles to get all these rich millionaires into the kingdom of heaven!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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Moral Values

Many have claimed that the victory of the Republicans in the last election was due to the party's embracing of "moral values".Supposedly the values the party endorses are Christian values,which led them to capture the majority of the votes of Evangelical and other devout Christians.The fact that George Bush claims to be a born-again Christian also helped in garnering these votes.A born-again Christian can be assumed to adhere to Christian morals and values,whatever that may mean.
What are the values and morals that are supposed to be more diligently practiced by Republicans than they are by Democrats? As far as I can tell these morals are mostly concerned with sex.Homsexuality is immoral,pre-marital sex is immoral,abortion is immoral.Gay marriage is a terrible threat to the American way of life and traditional marriage.It should be banned.
Outside of the area of sex,many conservative Republicans believe that we have banished God from our public life by not allowing reference to God in our Pledge of Allegiance,and forbidding the Ten Commandments to be posted in public places.
It is possible to argue with all these moral beliefs.It can be argued that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality,if you accept the fact that it is not a choice but rather an inborn trait imposed by nature,just as heterosexuality is.It is only hypocrites who think that abstention will work as the most effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and aids.It is the most effective without a doubt,but who has the self-control to practice it-probably only those without sexual desire,who are rare indeed. I wonder if the rich playboy George Bush,when he was boozed up,and fresh from being the life of the party,was able to control his natural desires and keep his hands off the attractive woman he eventually married? I doubt it.While these and other arguments can be made about all the moral values espoused,or supposedly so,by conservative Republicans,I don't wish to dwell on them.
The question I wish to ask is,if the Republicans are the party of "moral values",why don't these values extend beyond the areas of sex,and God in public life,to the actual conduct of those in power in the party?Is lying about the cost of a program in order to get it passed,not immoral?
Is it not only illegal,but immoral,to reveal the name of a CIA undercover agent in order to punish her husband for opposing the administration? Is it moral to use public funds to pay journalists to write propaganda that favors the administrations policies? Is it moral to allow a psuedo-journalist using a fake name,access to the White House while denying access to fully credentialed reporters from well-known news organizations? Is it an act of Christian morality to give large tax cuts to the richest among us while trying to cut programs that benefit the poorest? This would seem to be the exact opposite of what Jesus would do.("Give up all you have to the poor and follow me".)Won't those tax cuts make it even more difficult for the rich to squeeze their camels through the eye of that needle in order to enter the kingdom of heaven?
Were the memos written in an effort to justify the use of torture and allow violations of the Geneva Conventions written from the viewpoint of Christian morality?
Are the voters,and the politicians they elect,so insensitive that they can't see the inconsistencies in the morality they supposedly believe in and practice? Most of our present leaders profess to be Christians,but I am hard-pressed to find a single one of them who lives and acts like a Christian.They are Christians in name only.The morality that they practice is not the morality taught by Jesus--or any other religious prophet.
When I think of the morality of the Republican party--not as preached,but as practiced-I am reminded of the morality of the old Communist party:whatever furthers the cause of worldwide Socialism is moral,whatever hinders it is immoral.Here in America, among the members of the majority party,whatever furthers the conservative cause is moral,whatever hinders it is immoral.The conservatives have not,as far as we know,gone as far as the former Communists did:they have not yet committed murder,only character assassination,which is a major weapon in their arsenal and is regarded as perfectly moral.Their hypocrisy is staggering,and calling themselves Christian is some kind of an ironic joke.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


The old song says that imagination is silly,it makes you go round willy-nilly.It says that imagination is funny and imagination is crazy.I am more inclined to believe that imagination is more crazy,than it is silly or funny.
Imagination means to form images in our minds,to picture things to ourselves.To form images of things that may not be present.We can imagine the pleasure of being on an island paradise,drinking in the beauty and enjoying an exotic cocktail filled with delicious ingredients.Imagination in this case may be silly but it gives us relief from an otherwise boring or unhappy situation.
Imagination has created most of the great works of literature.In this case the imagination is usually trying to create a true picture and a reflection of a perceived vision of the real world. A painting,no matter how abstract,is trying to portray an honest vision of the outer or inner world of the artist.A composer of music,tries to express, through the medium of sound, his vision of himself and the world.All these uses of the faculty of imagination are neither silly,nor crazy--although they may sometimes be funny.
The craziness of imagination lies deeper than these examples suggest.Suppose that the world that one takes as real is nothing more than a creation of the imagination.Suppose that the world that one sees is just another image,or group of images,that ones imagination has created.We,of course,understand that most individuals do not have sufficient imagination to create their own worlds.Their worlds have been created for them by the purveyors of education,by the mass media,and by the accepted wisdom of their particular culture.Their religion was given to them by their fathers, who received it from their fathers, who received it from their fathers,until we reach the distant past where there were those who received it from the prophet who founded the religion.So each succeeding generation creates in the collective imagination an image of the truth that has been passed on to them.This truth can only be an image,since the generations following the first have no first hand experience of the truth,they merely imagine it.
Every generation that arises believes that it has the truth when in reality all it has is an image of the truth.Their truth exists only in their imagination.They can't see that imagination is the enemy of the truth,the enemy that prevents them from seeing the truth,the truth that is not an image, but a reality.
How many times have I heard that saying :"Man is created in the image and likeness of God"?
Do most men really believe that? It may or may not be true,but how can one know of its truth if all he has is words that create images that have been passed to him down through the generations?Yes,he has an image of God but how does he know that he has been created in "the image and likeness of God"? Does the image he has of himself match the image he has of God?
Of course,it doesn't! It doesn't because,rather than seek his own truth,he has accepted the images planted in his consciousness by other men.He imagines that he knows something that he doesn't know.He has been given the truth without any effort on his part.He is a believer!
Imagination is crazy,but it is essential.Without imagination man would have no world in which to live;without imagination the universe would be empty.Men create out of the images provided them by other,more imaginative,more creative men,the world and the universe in which they live.They accept this imagined world to be the real one.Even those more creative ones are trapped in the world created by their own imaginings and take it to be real.
A child asks his father:"What is that over there,father".And the father who is older and assumed to be wiser says:"My son that is a tree."So begins the process of education and the beginning of knowledge.Now the son whenever he sees an object similar to the one asked about will know what it is called.It is a "tree".The son as he grows will learn the names of more and more things and he will imagine that because he knows the names of things,he knows the things themselves.The more educated he becomes the more names of things he will know.The major difference between the educated and the uneducated is just this:the educated know more names of things.When the educated man speaks or writes and puts on display his knowledge of the names by which things are called,he will be thought to be learned and a man of real knowledge.And he too,no matter the level of his education,will imagine that he knows the things that he names.In reality all he has is more and different illusions.He has dropped the illusions shared by the uneducated and taken up those shared by the educated.The image of the world and himself that he carries in his heart is now more subtle and shaded but is still just an image.He still lives in an imagined world that he takes to be real.
Suppose the father when asked by the son,pointing at a tree:"What is that" had answered:"That is a house". From that day forward the son whenever he saw a tree would say: "I know what that is, it is a house".Most men in the world,like the son,accept the names of things given them by other men who are seen as wiser and more learned.Only a few,driven by a need for truth,ever argue the point and seek the reality that lies behind the names.Only the unnamed can be seen as existing in eternity.We must become as children who have not yet learned the names of things,only then can things be seen as they are in themselves:just spontaneously existing.When the names of things are forgotten,we stand face to face with the great mystery of existence and we embrace it. Only the few seek a world not created by their own imagination or the imagination of others,but one that actually exists in reality.They want to walk on a real earth under a real sky,an earth upon which real men and real women live and breathe.If real things have real names then they want to know them,but until then they want an end to all imagined worlds,to all that is mere image and illusion.They want the real heaven and the real earth!

How wonderful it is to be childlike;how wonderful to look out at a world filled with beautiful and mysterious objects,things that have no names!How great it is to be without knowledge,to see the world through eyes that have unlearned everything.Wonderful to have stripped the onion of time,layer by layer,to return to the beginning, before the naming of things began;to be in the place where all words,all names,all images have melted away and are seen as nothing!
This is the eternal Kingdom where all things exist;this is the Kingdom of Reality!

Friday, February 25, 2005

As can be seen elswhere on this page,I live in Elmira NY.I have spent my entire life here.Mark Twain married a woman from Elmira and lived and wrote here.The business community here is,of course, well aware of this and use his name to promote our city and tourism.All this is done mostly to make money,like so many things in our world.I wrote two letters to the editor of our local paper the subject of which was Mark Twain.Neither was published:one was returned to me as being too long and about the other I never heard a thing.I suspect it was rejected because it said things that the business community didn't particularly want to hear. I am going to post them here.The one was written not long after our invasion of Iraq began,the other sometime later
Mark Twain and Elmira

I would think that all Elmirans have heard of Mark Twain.
We are proud to claim that he spent much time in Elmira,
and even married a wife from here.There are signs proclaiming
that this is Mark Twain country.He is buried here,and of course,
we never tire of telling anyone who will listen about his connection
to Elmira.Our egos wear a smile when we hear the name Mark Twain.
To think that such a famous man actually lived in our humble town!
To think that he created some of his great literature while sitting
in his study high in the hills overlooking Elmira. What a boost
to our self-esteem!
Is it possible that we who praise him the most understand him the least?
How many of us ever actually read and think about what he had to say?
It isn't necessary to understand him in order to bask in the glow of
his fame-our egos feed upon any food that is available.
I wondered what Mark Twain would have thought about our recent invasion
of Iraq;and so I went looking for some words of his that might be relevant.
I will simply quote what he had to say about war in one of his less popular
books:"The Mysterious Stranger".This is not Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn.
It is not entertainment.It is what old Sam really thought.On war:
"There has never been a just one, never an honorable one -- on the part of the instigator of the war. I can see a million years ahead, and this rule will never change in so many as half a dozen instances. The loud little handful -- as usual -- will shout for the war. The pulpit will -- warily and cautiously -- object -- at first; the great, big, dull bulk of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes and try to make out why there should be a war, and will say, earnestly and indignantly, "It is unjust and dishonorable, and there is no necessity for it." Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on the other side will argue and reason against the war with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing and be applauded; but it will not last long; those others will outshout them, and presently the anti-war audiences will thin out and lose popularity. Before long you will see this curious thing: the speakers stoned from the platform, and free speech strangled by hordes of furious men who in their secret hearts are still at one with those stoned speakers -- as earlier -- but do not dare to say so. And now the whole nation -- pulpit and all -- will take up the war-cry, and shout itself hoarse, and mob any honest man who ventures to open his mouth; and presently such mouths will cease to open. Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception."

Rest in peace,Mark Twain,I understand you well.
You have described the situation much better than I could.
Regarding your article of Feb.12

I am sure that Mark Twain,who regarded the lack of money
as the root of all evil,would endorse whole-heartedly
our community's use of his name to help remove this evil.
He probably wouldn't mind that:"We own Mark Twain..and you
can generate dollars off Mark Twain." But I wonder what
he would have thought of the recent gathering of business
leaders at Quarry Farm.I don't think he was thinking of
people like them when he said:
"Some men worship rank, some worship heroes, some worship power,
some worship God and over these ideals they dispute and cannot
unite--but they all worship money."
Perhaps he did mean people like them,since they are men and he
said that all men worship money.I wonder if he meant to include
me as well? I can't believe he meant me and the people in our
community.He must have been referring to people elsewhere,maybe
in the next county,or state or maybe other countries.
One of our past American Presidents said:
"The business of America is business."
I,being a patriotic American,only regret that I don't have a name
to donate to the noble cause of making money for American business.
I wonder if maxing out my credit cards would make a difference

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Darker Days

How easy it is for us to accept the days when our vision is bright and eternity seems to encircle us with light and peace!But what are we to do with the darker days that are empty of promise and seem to prove to us our dependence on a power within us that is not always benevolent.Are they a waste or can we wring something positive out of them?
Was Whitman right when he said:"no matter what happens it can be turned to good account"?Can the hours devoid of inspiration and insight really be turned to good account?
Can we learn not to be "wasters of sorrows"?Let us try to accept the darker hours of emptiness and self-doubt as being just part of the price we pay for the vision that comes to us in brighter moments.How can there be light without the darkness?How can there be joy without sadness?Let us not resist the wisdom that sorrow can teach.Pain and pleasure,joy and sorrow are twins, and they are loved equally by their parents.Let us be the loving parents of joyous pain and joyous sorrow! Let us accept all our children with love!
Acceptance gives us the keys to the kingdom.All of reality must be accepted,the negative as well as the positive.When the negative is accepted it is altered in some mysterious way and becomes part of the positive,until one day the negative and the positive merge and can be seen as just different aspects of the same unity.
How do we accept everything that we find in ourselves? When we look inside it seems like chaos,"a bundle of vain strivings tied loosely together".Positive and negative lie side by side.We love we hate,we laugh,we cry;one day we reject the very things that we accepted the day before.We are so filled with opposing forces;"we are never single minded".Today's positive mood is shattered by a trivial remark made by another person and restored by a word of praise from another.We are at the mercy of every transient urge,desire or feeling that arises in us.Where do they come from,the moods that control our thoughts and actions? We are such a mystery to ourselves! How can we ever really know ourselves?
The beginning of self-knowing and acceptance lies in becoming a passive observer of our inner world and how it functions.The ego must step aside and allow things to happen without interfering.We must see that we are not the urges,the feelings or the thoughts;we are doing nothing,everything arises in us by itself.We will want to accept those things that appear positive and reject those that appear negative but we must learn to stop judging and allow things to happen as they will.When painful things arise we must allow the pain to express itself.Nothing can be avoided-are we not in search of truth and reality? If we are,then we can't pick and choose only those parts of reality that we like,we must learn,little by little,to accept all of it.This is a long,slow,sometimes painful process, but no one can do it for us.We must travel the entire road by ourselves,for only our own pain and suffering will do us any good.
Though a million others be crucified,only our own crucifixion will save us.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Some Thoughts on Spontaneity

The Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa speaking of God said:"I obey him by living spontaneously." What did he mean by "living spontaneously"? It has often been said that children are the most spontaneous among us,probably because they act without thinking.I watched a child the other day dancing and singing.Completely oblivious to her surroundings,she jumped and whirled,a smile of pure pleasure on her face.Her movements were unplanned,unpredictable,driven by who knows what hidden impulses or desires.Between one movement and the next there was no time for thinking,one followed another so quickly.The child was obeying God by living spontaneously.Pessoa also said:"the only innocence is not thinking." Our child is innocent because she doesn't think and because she doesn't think, she is spontaneous.Nature is the doer of all spontaneous deeds,and nature deserves all the praise or blame. Man, bird, and beast are innocent,nature is the guilty one.
Does the rain think or the wind-driven snow? What of the birds at the feeder outside my window.Do they think? Does the sun think before it shines? On a dark day does the sun think that it shouldn't shine today? I watch two squirrels chasing one another playfully around the trunk of a tree.Are they thinking of what they are doing? Did that one squirrel think that he would fool the other by suddenly changing direction and leaping onto a lower branch? And what was the tree thinking?Was it glad to have the squirrels playing in its branches or was it irritated by the whole thing? The rain,the snow,the tree and the squirrels were all acting spontaneously without thinking--or so it seems to me.They were doing what nature bid them to do,just as the child was.And their only innocence is in not thinking.
While the tree,the rain and the squirrels will always be innocent and without thought,what of the child? The child will be slowly taught how to think.We call this education.(Some,who are more unconventional,might call this indoctrination.)The child will learn how to think before she acts."You shouldn't do that,please stop and think next time". "Please stop dancing and sit down."
"Damn it,why do you act that way." In a few years the child will no longer obey God by living spontaneously.She will become a grown-up,an adult like the rest of us.She will always think before she acts.She will worry about the effect her words and actions will have on the people around her in the world.She,who once shared with the squirrels and the trees the joy of innocence and inner wholeness,will lose most of the gift of spontaneity given her by nature.If she dances,her dances will no longer be wild and free,they will have been tamed and even given names.Now she must move her feet much as others do and always hold her body in certain positions,in order to dance in the accepted way.Her movement was once an original thing done only by her.But now it has been created by the thinking of someone else,it is no longer just hers.Now she will move in the same way that others in her particular world move:she will dance the same kind of dances to the same kind of tunes.She has learned how not to dance her dance;she has learned how not to be herself. The child, with her one-of-a-kind dance, has become a responsible,thinking adult and left her spontaneous originality behind.
Welcome,poor child,to the civilized world!
We were all children.Where is the dance the world made us forget?Where is the innocent joy and delight in our own dance?I think it still lies there somewhere,deep,buried under the layers of learning we have acquired.It still lies there,deeper than the egos need for love and acceptance.
In our deepest part we are still what we once were before the world enshrined itself in our hearts.I think we all secretly long to dance,wildly and freely,like Zorba the Greek,while watching all that he had worked for go up in flames.
This world,this society,is a prison in which we all have our private cells.The jailer is our egos who will not unlock the cell door and let the happy child out,lest she misbehave and humiliate us.I wish it were in my power to lead a prison break,but first I must kill the jailer who has locked me in:the ego who inhibits my actions.
I have a plan of action:first I will watch him closely and resist him whenever he trys to lord it over other people.When he gets too proud of his knowledge,I will remind him that I am unlearning everything he taught me.If he is not pleased when I look into the mirror,I will laugh at him and make a funny face.When he berates me for not being the brilliant thinker he wants me to be,I will say something stupid in order to rub it in.This ego of mine thrives on praise,and so I will refuse all praise unless it is accompanied by an equal amount of blame.Blame,you see,makes him sick and he is willing to do anything to avoid it.I won't allow him to avoid it,I will use it to humiliate him every chance I get.If I am accused of doing a bad thing,I will plead guilty in order to bring him down a peg or two.I will be diligent in observing him.I will pay close attention when he is puffed up with pride and point out how unimportant he is.I will ridicule the absurd demands he makes upon me,like the demand that I always be right or that I win every argument or disagreement.In fact,to embarrass him further,I will refuse to argue and try to allow the other person to be right.My ego is a powerful force and he may defeat me from time to time, but I will get up and fight again.My hope is that little by lttle he will become less powerful and gradually come to accept his unimportance.And then one day he will have withered away to the point that he will forget to lock my cell door and I will walk free.If I am not too feeble on the day of freedom,I will dance like Zorba.In any case,I will sing beautiful meaningless words and phrases like a childs spontaneous made-up song and I will raise my arms toward the heavens and shout a long drawn-out shout of sheer joy!
On the day of my liberation,I will see the world through new eyes--new uneducated eyes.Eyes unclouded by the false knowing of the world,without the layered veils of learning that hid me from myself.I will belong only to the earth,to nature and to myself! Now I can obey God by living spontaneously.
Welcome home from your exile,O dancing child!